How to Improve Conversions on Product Pages

How to Improve Conversions on Product Pages

As an ecommerce business, product pages are arguably the most important pages of your whole website. Yet many online business owners fail to make them as convertible as possible. While improving other aspects of your website, such as optimizing the checkout process, can help, ultimately, product pages are essential to turning window shoppers into sales. 

Some elements of a great product page are obvious — high-quality photos and well-written, detailed descriptions are key. But there are a lot more opportunities to optimize your product pages that you may not realize. 

Don’t Bury the Lead

This is a basic rule of journalism that is also essential to store owners: put the lead up front. This means begin with the most important information first so that people don’t have to dig to find it. 

You can address this by offering a quick, clear blurb at the top of the product descriptions that provides shoppers with the essential information that they know. You can then go on to add a fuller explanation of the benefits of your product, as well as address any frequently asked questions. This strategy allows you to pick a shopper’s interest immediately while still providing all the information that they need to know to learn more. 

Understand Your Customer’s Motivations 

When writing your product descriptions, make sure that you keep in mind your customer’s motivations for buying your product, as well as any objections they may have. This will allow you to understand what information your customer needs addressed up front. For example, if you sell nutritional supplements, your customer may not know why they should take your product. Lead with this information so you can pull them in immediately. 

Write a Clear CTA 

When it comes to ecommerce, offering a clear call-to-action is especially important. Your customer should never struggle to actually buy your product. Make sure your add-to-cart button is obvious, while not being obnoxious. It should be impossible to miss while seamlessly fitting into the design of the page. 

Add Live Chat 

Live chat is an excellent feature for ecomm businesses that is associated with higher levels of customer satisfaction. Live chat makes it easy for customers to ask quick questions without having to take the time to call your business. This gives them the opportunity to make an informed decision about buying your product without any hassle. 

Because live chat requires more work, either by you and your support team or a chatbot, it’s best to use it during higher traffic times or on specific product pages that generate higher than average sales. 

Include Videos

You already know that high-quality product photography is essential to an excellent product page, but these days, to really set yourself apart, you also need product videos. You don’t have to make these too lengthy or complicated; just answer the questions that your customers need. For example, if you sell clothing, use product videos with a model to show how the items fit. 

Show Your Reviews/Testimonials

Reviews are a powerful way to build trust with your shoppers. In fact, nearly 95% of shoppers read the reviews before they make a purchase, and most report that they trust reviews more than the product description itself. Therefore, it is essential to feature reviews on your product pages. If you sell a personal care product, before/after pictures are very helpful for showing that what you offer truly works. 


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