Our Top 10 Most Exciting Summer 22’ Shopify Updates

Our Top 10 Most Exciting Summer 22’ Shopify Updates

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Shopify has been building new ways to connect and engage with consumers and help businesses increase conversion rates on their sites all while making it easier for them to upgrade and manage their shop. We have chosen our top 10 most exciting updates that are coming to Shopify that were announced on the new release ofShopify Editions Summer 22’, which is a Shopify’s update of all the things they have been working on. We hope you enjoy and are as excited about these updates as we are!

1.Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences is a brand new app from Shopify that helps you find your next best customer. Over the years trying to find new customers with digital ads has become a lot harder and increasingly more expensive. This is the reason Shopify has created Shopify Audiences. With its app Shopify helps identify buyers who are looking for your products and create and export high-interest audiences to ad platforms like Facebook.

  • High conversion rates with better performing ads
  • Smart audience creation with machine learning AI
  • Integration between Shopify and ad platforms
  • Shopify Plus Exclusive


Make your link in bio shoppable! Linkpop is a free link in bio tool powered by Shopify’s fast and secure checkout. With a shoppable link 2x more likely to convert, you can now consolidate all the content you are creating online into shoppable links on your social media bios. 

3.B2B on Shopify

The most essential and powerful wholesale features are now built right in the Shopify admin With B2B on Shopify sell to your direct and wholesale customer, all integrated in one store. Use the full power of the Shopify platform to run your business in one seamless customized shopping experience. This is the B2B platform you have been waiting for.

  • Customize with themes and discounts
  • Sell from one storefront or use a dedicated store
  • Set wholesale pricing and net terms
  • Shopify Plus Exclusive

4.Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets makes it simple to sell your products internationally by helping you reach new geographic regions and optimizing your business to drive global sales. This is easily done all from one place in your Shopify admin. You can drive up to 40% higher conversion rates in international regions all by customizing your storefront for each market to improve buying experiences for your customers

  • Set price lists and domains by market
  • Sell in each market's local currency and language
  • Collect duties and import taxes at checkout

5.Checkout Extensibility

Those who haveShopify Plus can now customize their checkout using powerful apps and branding tools. You can add recommended products, loyalty programs, and more. It is fast, secure, and upgrade-safe, all while being integrated with Shop Pay for the best-converting checkout on the internet.

6.Discount Combinations

Now you can combine different discounts on the same order! This makes it easier to launch promotions that bring you new customers, repeat business, and increases overall conversion rates.

7.Pre-orders and More

Shopify now offers more pre-orders, subscriptions, and "try before you buy" apps that are fully integrated into our platform! With this update you can now lock in more sales and give your customers the flexible purchasing options they have always wanted. New products and features include:Pre-Orders,Subscriptions, andTry before you buy.

8.Customer Engagement Tools

The new customer engagement tools include Email, chat, marketing automations, and segmentation, all integrated within Shopify. You can build out intriguing branded campaigns with Shopify Email customization tools. Save time by automating your emails, and increase conversion rates by targeting specific consumer groups. Use 24/7 chat to build stronger relationships with your customers. Soon you will also be able to put forms on every page so you can grow your customer list and be able to capture important data to later use on marketing campaigns and increase conversion rates.

9.Admin Enhancements

Shopify has recently made dozens of improvements to improve your everyday Shopify experience. From new features to redesigns that enhance how you upload, edit, organize, and set up in Shopify, you can expect many more useful updates to come.

10.Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow now lets you build  automated custom workflows that help you succeed. Automate commerce-specific tasks, like fraud detection, inventory tracking, and email campaigns. Automating these tasks allows you to focus on what actually helps you grow your businesses. Flow is now available to all merchants on the Shopify plan and above.

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