Klaviyo Customer Retention Strategies

Klaviyo Customer Retention Strategies

Quick Summary

There are many different email marketing apps you can use for your ecommerce business on Shopify. However, when you’re looking for an app you can integrate into your site that will provide many opportunities for client retention, Klaviyo is one of the most popular options. 

What is Klaviyo? 

Klaviyo is a comprehensive email marketing solution for your online store. In essence, Klaviyo offers a drag-and-drop email composer with templates for common email campaigns, similar to other email marketing platforms. However, Klaviyo also offers several automation tools that offer complex automated email sequences you cannot achieve with many platforms. 

Some of the features and email campaigns you can create with Klaviyo include:

  • Abandoned cart flows
  • Post-purchase follow up emails
  • Sync email lists to Facebook custom audiences
  • Segmentation based on a variety of ecommerce related factors
  • Optimization tools such as multivariate testing
  • Personalized product recommendations

How Can Klaviyo Help Me Retain Customers? 

Customer retention is a huge concern for online business owners. It is a well-established fact that a repeat customer is far more profitable than multiple one-time buyers. The biggest advantage Klaviyo has to offer over other platforms when it comes to customer retention is the in-depth automation and targeting tools you can use. Using this email marketing app, you can create multi-faceted segmentation rules and email flows that branch off in many different ways. This makes it unique, as there aren’t any other email marketing tools like this that allow you to get quite as deep. 

Part of what makes this platform so powerful is the integration with Shopify. Klaviyo is able to analyze the data from your online store to create these complex email automations. This enables you to segment emails that are targeted to each stage of a customer’s lifecycle, ensuring you are targeting the right audience at the right time. 

Strategies for Customer Retention Using Klaviyo

  • Targeted winback email campaigns. Winback emails go to customers who used to be frequent buyers, but stopped. Klaviyo offers premade win-back campaigns so you can seamlessly target this type of buyer from your Shopify store. 

  • Email newsletters.You can send a weekly email newsletter using Klaviyo that will have your customers at the top of their minds. 

  • Referral programs.You can set up a targeted campaign using Klaviyo that will reward repeat customers with a discount for referring their friends. This opens the door for new customers while enticing repeat customers to buy more.
  • Reward loyalty. You can set up a campaign that offers discounts after a customer buys from you a certain amount of time. For example, you may have the campaign trigger a thank you email the first time they buy, then offer a special discount after their second purchase.
  • Send surveys. You can also get great ideas from your most loyal customers by sending out surveys to them using Klaviyo. This allows you to get to know your target audience better. 

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