Sweet Apricity

Sweet Apricity


Shopify Design & Development
Migration from Ecwid

The current site for Sweet Apricity was lacking organization and also search engine optimization.  We switched and migrated them from Ecwid over to a shiny new Shopify platform. They have loved the change and are so thankful they made the switch. They have also been able to integrate their Amazon channel so they can manage all their orders from one place.

Head over to sweetapricity.com  and check out their new site and pick up some of their amazing Paleo caramels.


Carey was gloriously knowledgeable and skilled at crafting our website.  She was efficient, professional, and ever so patient with me and my questions/concerns.  I look forward to utilizing her on future projects and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in strengthening their brands. - Tonya of Sweet Apricity