Ads Uncorked

Ads Uncorked


Shopify Design & Development
Platform Migration
Course Integration on Thinkific

Jenny came to us with frustrations of her current WordPress website. It was slow, clunky, and just didn't meet the vision she had for Ads Uncorked. I convinced her to move over to Shopify, which I have never had a client disappointed about migrating once they saw how user-friendly Shopify is. We moved her blog, set up her digital products in the shop and even moved her large course over to Thinkific, which seamlessly integrates into Shopify.

Ads Uncorked is THE Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategist you need it your corner! She helps business owners take their businesses to the next level with strategically designed Facebook + Instagram Ads.

You don't need to have physical products to use Shopify! Tired of Wordpress for your courses and digital products, consider making the switch and contact us about our free extended trial.

Go check out her new site that is both user friendly and beautiful ->


Working with COR Marketing Group on the launch of my Shopify store was the best decision I Could've every made.  My only regret was not doing it sooner.  They ensured I knew exactly how my new site works, walking me through everything I needed to know and recording videos for me along with way.  My new site is everything I hoped for and more, and it has laid the foundation for my business' online shop to grow.  - Jenny of Ads Uncorked