Shopify Design & Development
Platform Migration from Etsy
Custom App Integration

Many shop owners get their feet wet in e-commerce by using platforms such as Etsy.  We met Nicki when she wanted to own her platform and not be constrained to all the rules of another platform.  We were able to migrate all her products over from Etsy and setup custom apps that allowed her to offer her beautiful pieces in all size options for easy shopping experience for her clients.  We also built a custom gallery that gives this client the ability to make updates herself.  We pride ourselves in giving our customer's full control and education on their site so they feel empowered. 

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They have eased all my concerns around custom functionality needs, and have found quick and reliable solutions to each of my unique business requirements.  If you are looking for someone who listens to what you want, will help you build out accordingly, and will do a beautiful job creating it, you'll find what you want with COR Marketing - Nicki of Nixin Jewelry